Espresso Bar

Ube Latte
Light and creamy latte made with Ube.
Nutella Latte
Real Nutella added into our creamy latte.
Cookie Butter Latte
Our latte mixed with scoops of REAL cookie.
Matcha Blueberry Latte
Blueberry infused matcha mixed in with milk to make a drink that tastes as though a matcha latte and a blueberry muffin had a baby!
Iced Sea Salt Coffee
A creamy blend of our cold brew and sweet and slightly savory sea salt cream.
Iced Coffee
Our cold brew made with Espresso Republic's Angeleno Dark Roast.
Double shot of espresso topped with milk.
Zebra Latte
Dark and white chocolate syrup mixed in with our latte.
Matcha Latte
Grade A Matcha mixed in with milk.
Caramel Latte
Sweet caramel syrup swirled into our creamy latte.
Mocha Latte
Dark chocolate syrup mixed into our creamy latte
Chai Latte
Espresso Republic's Chai Tea poured over milk.
Hot Chocolate
Dark chocolate syrup steamed with milk.
White Mocha Latte
White chocolate syrup mixed in with our creamy latte.